user experience design

Small Business Websites

Specializing in producing and consulting on Squarespace small business websites. 


Online Retail

This is a typical example of a lot of the work I do for small business sites. The client had outsourced the building of the site on the cheap, but the end result was rather uninspiring. The basic visual elements were there, but it lacked any strategy when it came to designing for the intended user behavior of the site - which was to sell tea. So, I caffeinated the site with some basic UX principles and lead generation strategy to give it some much needed zest. 

Healthcare Consulting

Websites for firms in the healthcare industry are notorious for using cliched stock photos of fake patients and that typical blue-on-white color motif. Fortunately, my healthcare client with was seeking to stand out in the industry rather than merely blend in, so I was able to create a bold, minimalist design to reflect her firm's dedication to innovative technology and service. 

Private Practice

This psychotherapist was tired of the out-of-the-box look of her current CMS, so I crafted a fresh design that spoke to her calming nature and dedication to helping her clients achieve zen-like balance in their life. 


I did a complete overall of Inspired', a website for a personal nutritionist. The client's old site had a very outdated design and was extremely text heavy, so my goal was to streamline her presentation with a modern template and simplified descriptions of her services. 


This is a small business I hope to launch myself very soon...Darkroom Confidential, a photography business devoted to preserving memories on black and white film. Just as I recommend to my clients, I utilized Squarespace as it was the most effective and efficient way to get my vision up and running online.

Big Ideas for Small Business 

I'm getting tired of hearing the phrase "this episode sponsored by Squarespace" on literally every podcast I listen to, but I have to admit - it's actually a really efficient and effective platform for building out small business websites.    

Whether you're looking to improve an existing site or need something built from the ground up, I can provide an affordable solution rooted in the same user experience strategies that I utilize in my corporate design work.